Dr. Jeremy Henson

Medical Affairs Director

Dr. Jeremy Henson


Jeremy has 18 years’ experience in cancer research. He is the Principal Investigator of the Cancer Cell Immortality research group, UNSW Medicine, where his research involves the development of cancer treatments and diagnostics that target telomere maintenance mechanisms (telomerase and ALT). Jeremy discovered and patented the C-Circle biomarker and assay for the alternative-lengthening-of-telomeres (ALT) cancer mechanism (Nature Biotechnology, 2009) and is currently developing the C-Circle Assay as a cancer diagnostic and using it to perform a high-throughput screen for ALT inhibitors, which could be used as ALT-targeted cancer therapies. 

Jeremy is also Chief Career Medical officer at Lakeview Private Hospital, where he is a member of the Medical Advisory and Root Cause Analysis Committees, and a clinical tutor at Prince of Wales Clinical School, UNSW Faculty of Medicine. At Medlab, Jeremy's responsibilities include overseeing pharmacovigilance, research, clinical trials and new product development.


An oro-buccal nanoparticle delivered cannabis medicine for pain management in cancer: A clinical trial in progress.

American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), Virtual Conference

Date:          2020-05-29