Sean Hall Portrait Here at Medlab, we believe in innovation and collaboration; a place that welcomes challenges and embraces the risks of biotech. Specifically, our cultural belief is represented in our mantra: innovating and redefining medicines.

With my stewardship at FIT-BioCeuticals and over 25 years experience within nutraceutical sales and development, as well as early drug discovery in Australia, Asia and the USA, it was a natural progression to pioneer research that focuses on developing new biological therapeutics and creating "first in-class" drugs. For us, this biological research is both exciting and intriguing; a relatively new field that ensues risks but generates great rewards. It is the excitement of developing a new, safe and clinically efficacious drug that brings the Medlab family together.

Today, Medlab embraces a unique area of research to develop new medicines in highly sort areas; specifically, chronic kidney disease, obesity, depression, pain management and anti-aging/muscular-skeletal health. The focus on these specific areas of research is based on our strong belief that biological medicine plays a huge role in rescuing and/or improving symptomatology. All research needs support, so we therefore encourage you to sign up to our patient billing and patient management tool as a healthcare practitioner. By purchasing our products you will enable us to effectively and efficiently perform clinical trials with this research enabling the development of new medicines in a much-needed space.

Together we can make a difference.