Medlab's Sean Hall: "Time to offer something new" to challenge reliance on opioids

Medlab Clinical Ltd's (ASX:MDC) Sean Hall tells Proactive that the company is building a cannabis-based drug that is the size of a nanoparticle.

Medlab Clinical & QUT Clinical Trial with NRGBiotic for Depression Begins

Medlab Clinical and QUT are conducting a clinical trial to assess NRGBioticTM in the management of depression. The clinical trial follows on from two pilot studies which produced significant results of positive clinical benefits to patients administered magnesium orotate and NRGBioticTM respectively.

Executive Series 21 Jun 18: Medlab Clinical Ltd (MDC) CEO & Managing Director, Sean Hall

Medlab Clinical Ltd (MDC) CEO & Managing Director, Sean Hall speaks with Tom Piotrowski about the company’s nutraceuticals sales and its cannabis clinical trial that’s currently underway.

Medlab CEO Dr. Sean Hall on SkyNews Business Live: Medical Cannabis and Medlab's clinical trial

Featured on SkyNews Business Live on the 4th of January 2018

NutraIngredient Awards 2017 Finalist

We are proud to announce Medlab's NRGBioticTM is a finalist for the NutraIngredient Awards 2017 - Readers' Food Supplement of the Year!
NRGBioticTM is a valuable addition to many Practitioners 'toolbox' and is equally loved by those that use the product. The current clinical research outcomes have provided a novel adjunct option for those with Depression.
Seek advice from your healthcare Practitioner. Find out more about NRGBiotic:


New NanoCelleTM NanoStatTM could help tackle high cholesterol

Featured on Channel Nine News on the 9th of March 2017

Medlab's research featured on Channel 9 news

Medlab Clinical is at the forefront of research into obesity and the prevention of diabetes. Medlab's probiotic formulation is currently undergoing clinical trial evaluation in collaboration with the University of Sydney's Boden Institute as featured in a recent Channel 9 news item.

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