Medlab Clinical

Medlab Clinical Ltd (Medlab) was formed by Sean Hall after he sold his family's companies FIT-BioCeuticals Limited and Hall Drug Technologies to Blackmores Limited on the first of July 2012.

Medlab is a public listed company (ASX:MDC) based in Sydney, Australia.

lnMed Technologies

lnMed Technologies based in California USA, is a subsidiary of Medlab, specialising in unique delivery platforms for application in medicines, cosmetics and animal health. lnMed's ground breaking development of micellisation in the 1980s paved the way for Medlab's developing NanoCelle technology to enhance the bioavailability of otherwise poorly absorbed medical compounds.

Medlab and lnMed's integrated approach accelerates their joint research and development program.

Key people

Key people in both companies have vast experience in research, product development, delivery platforms and commercialisation.

CEO Sean Hall

Sean Hall Portrait

Sean has an outstanding history in the commercialisation of nutraceuticals and biotech in Australia. He is an industry leader with a vision for new therapeutic agents developed from bacteria. Under his leadership Medlab has already produced dozens of patents and publications. Sean heads the management team.

Director of Medical Research Professor Luis Vitetta

Luis Vitetta Portrait

Luis has held senior posts in Australian Universities and has an international reputation as a rigorous academic and a scrupulous researcher. Luis heads a team whose applied research leads directly to product development.

Director of Science Dr David Rutolo

David Rutolo Portrait

David is renowned in the US for his specialised, patented delivery systems for nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. He has decades of experience in manufacturing, product development and technical marketing support. David is Managing Director of lnMed Technologies in California.

Research facilities

Medlab has a purpose build biological research facility, specialising in the development of novel therapeutics from bacteria. Medlab's laboratory is Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) PC2 accredited.


Medlab is a proud member of AusBiotech, Medicines Australia and the International Probiotics Association.


The Boden Institute of Obesity, Nutrition, Exercise & Eating Disorders .

A thinking company

We think long and hard about the root causes of a chronic diseases and create products that arrest their progress.

We encourage our researchers to follow their passion and think outside the box. It is here we find our innovation pathway.

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