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Six European Flag's outside a building

A European perspective

Travelling through Europe provided a solemn reminder that chronic illness knows no boundaries, shows no level of discrimination, and in many cases hides within ignorance.

Farmer on hemp farm looking at leaf - Medlab Clinical

Hemp from US farms now legal, But caution on Cannabis prevails, rightly so

The US Farm Bill amended in December 2018 makes hemp production legal under certain conditions, so will this change the world of medical cannabis?

Medlab woman experimenting in lab - Medlab Clinical

Scientific discovery, noble, enriching, future-proofing

Science operates in a land of discovery, opportunity, inspiration and unremitting hard work. A company focused on life science, research and development has to account for many things, looking back at what has been achieved and forward to how we can shape our science to combat chronic disease.

Cannabis leaf on a Petri dish and medicinal Cannabis bud beside it

There's Pot, then there's researched cannabis....Quite a difference

In the past couple of weeks, there’s been a sharp uptick in trends towards wider community use of marijuana. Some US States have made it easier for doctors to prescribe certain marijuana drugs and for the public to access CBD, THC and CBN products, Canada has legalised cannabis and a marijuana grower has become the first of its kind to list on the New York Stock Exchange.