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A portrait of Medlab's patient Jinhee

Managing anxiety, depression and pain

Battling anxiety and depression, as well as pain, can be exhausting. The right treatment can offer a new outlook on life, as in Jinhee's case

A portrait of Catherine who is a Medlab patient

Patient Catherine regains control of her life

For Catherine, Endometriosis presented as intense pelvic pain, nausea and lightheadedness/ dizziness leading up to her period.

Josef's story with NanoCelle product

Patient Josef’s Positive Outlook

When prostate cancer spreads, it most frequently goes to the bones and this is what happen in Josef’s case.

2 people in wheelchairs on a beach

Living with pain

Living with pain can be challenging and finally having access to effective pain management – as in Andrew’s case – can give you a whole new outlook on life.