Annual Message to Shareholders October 2021

DATE: Wednesday 13th October 2021

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A simple to read re-write of published notices written by Craig, Journalist and shareholder. 

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Medlab Confirms US Patent Office has approved NanoCelle® patent for USA territories this is in addition to the receipt of a further 42 worldwide patents

Since Medlab Clinical’s listing on the ASX six years ago its experienced team of scientists have made extraordinary advances in the creation and manufacture of unique, world-leading products and valuable intellectual property. The focus is on consolidating Medlab’s position as a biotech specialising in delivery platforms to enhance medicines both established and currently in development – NanaBis™, NanoCBD™, mRNA and several nutraceuticals are simply examples of NanoCelle®’s future trajectory.

The company’s agility in the midst of the global COVID pandemic has led to the acceleration of our strategy change to developing synthetic formulations of our previous cannabis plant-derived formulations. 

Like so many renowned and familiar drugs which were originally derived from plants – Aspirin, Fentanyl, Sudafed, Penicillin, Digoxin among many – Medlab is now pursuing the highly reliable synthetic solution to consistent and efficacious delivery of the fundamental constituents of cannabis.

NanoCelle®, Medlab’s unique drug delivery system is now subject to 43 worldwide patents giving the company 15 years of exclusive protection in the development of this innovative product. 

A major breakthrough that was confirmed late last month is the granting of a patent by the US Patent Office (USPTO) which ensures Medlab exclusivity until 2036. This welcome news will enable the US business to initiate banking and commercial partnering enabling a projected surge in growth in that important market.

These patents are currently, conservatively valued at $200 million and will only gain in value as their potential is fully realised as a catalyst in a number of strategic partnerships with international pharmaceutical partners. 

The NanoCelle® delivery platform with the support of Research Australia is being actively promoted to Australia’s future mRNA solution. This ground-breaking development would enable vaccines to be delivered by a simple nasal spray. The application to Medlab is for the company to become a partner in innovation biotech. While this research is at an early stage its future is predicated on government and third-party funding.

Notably, NanaBis™, a medicinal cannabis compound is employing the NanoCelle® absorption delivery technology and already delivering compassionate relief to patients suffering severe cancer pain while continuing to progress regulatory approval via trials to be undertaken next year in Australia, the USA and the UK.

The application for use of NanoCBD™ and NanaBis™ in ethical global compassionate markets ahead of trials and drug approvals is well underway and set to deliver relief to patients in immediate need.

Australia’s ability to innovate in science is universally accepted, and Medlab’s Sean Hall is proud of having enabled the company’s long-term association with Professor Luis Vitetta whose extensive work on probiotics and the brain/gut connection has resulted in the release of some of Medlab’s most successful nutraceutical products. 

Medlab’s other recruitment coup is Dr. David Rutolo, a Californian who has pioneered the improvement of absorption of otherwise difficult to ingest nutrients resulting in the development of NanoCelle®.

The company sees the development of alternative pain relief formulations other than the increasingly discredited opioids as a major source of future revenue and continues to pursue regulatory approval from the world’s major authorities including the TGA, the FDA and the EMA.

In addition, the potential for NanaBis™ isn’t limited to strictly medical applications the delivery system is ripe for use by food and cosmetic companies and these opportunities remain a focus of the company’s activities.

It is Medlab’s belief that there is enormous upside in the synthesising of cannabis as the concerns around the contamination, purity and consistency of plant-based formulations are likely to delay approvals and subsequent commercialising of anything which might be seen to contain pesticides, accelerants, fungicides and bacteria which is an impediment to the granting of Certificates of Analysis for the botanicals.

Medlab having completed a successful study retains confidence in the potential of our depression product NRGBiotic™, we are now seeking to qualify ingredients so that they are approved for medicinal use and drug registration.

The core business is commercialising our NanoCelle® technology and progressing drug licensing for our principal product NanaBis™. The success of this will increase the value of our technology enormously. Once registration is obtained, the value of those licences is measured in hundreds of millions of dollars –

GW Pharmaceuticals is a case in point.