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DATE: Tuesday 11th January 2022
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When prostate cancer spreads, it most frequently goes to the bones and this is what happen in Josef’s case.

Josef, a former entrepreneur in the hospitality industry, from SA, was 66 years old when he first received the news – his prostate cancer had spread to his hip and rib. While managing to keep mentally positive about his diagnosis, he experienced considerable pain and discomfort. As time passed, Josef found it increasingly hard to complete daily tasks or do the things he loved. The pain often left him housebound and disrupted his sleep leaving him feeling exhausted during the day.

Josef persevered, but managing his pain was becoming a problem – particularly as he did not want to start taking opioids – so he began to explore other pain relief options available to him.

A portrait of Josef who is a Medlab patient

After talking over his concerns with his specialist, Josef was enrolled in The Medcare Study which investigates the safety and further efficacy of a NanoCelle® medicinal cannabis medication (NanoCelle® 1:1 THC 8.93mg/ml and CBD 8.93mg/ml) in an oro-buccal spray. After completing the trial – with reduced pain and improved sleep – Josef’s outlook on life also improved as he was able leave the house, exercise and do chores.

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The Medcare Study


All patient stories are based on real-life experiences as told to us, Josef has given consent to share his story and the photo is a real image of him. Josef is not affiliated with Medlab, received no payment as part of the study, but did receive the investigative drug at a subsidised price for the length of the study.

If you have prostate cancer or chronic pain and you are concerned about managing your pain or other symptoms, talk with your doctor about the treatment options available to you. 

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