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Thursday 8TH August 2019

A European Perspective

CEO Communique

July welcomes the new financial year and for others, a Euro summer holiday.

July for Medlab was about solidifying our nutraceutical position in the Australian Pharmacy Industry and showcasing both our diabetic and cannabis research with our European peers.

Travelling through Europe provided a solemn reminder that chronic illness knows no boundaries, shows no level of discrimination, and in many cases hides within ignorance.

I witnessed holiday-goers overindulge, simply because it was holidays, nurses self-medicating so they could continue their duties, and Doctors struggling with solutions while patients demanded simple medication to address whatever their problem was.

I lectured on pre and type 2 diabetes as well on cancer pain. The emphasis in both talks was to offer different therapeutic solutions; solutions that may have a vastly improved side effect profile and that may hasten improvements for the patient in question.

The message resonated with the audience, as for many this was their first introduction to Medlab and our work.

Diabetes, as a premise of offering a unique combination of probiotics to address gut health was interesting. Systemic, low grade inflammation took centre stage and I revealed some of our research into a new probiotic used as an adjuvant to metformin.

Clearly, the takeaway was, as medical practitioners we are fighting an uphill battle. Adding new potential to the limited therapeutic offerings is a great start. History has shown us that education lacks results and, for most part, significant lifestyle changes are too hard, complex and/or short lived. But we have a duty of care, we took an oath, and we must navigate the reality of the patient.

This trip emphasised the importance of Medlab, what we are doing and why we are doing it.

More science, more choice, better patient compliance and better health outcomes.

Dr Sean Hall

Published 8TH August 2019

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CEO Communique

CEO Communique