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Pain Observational Study Update

In this episode of MedSci, Eliza Zychska provides an update on Medlab's Pain Observational study.



In Australia… it's estimated that 45 % of people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime… In any one year, 1 million Australian adults have depression, and over 2 million have anxiety… Does Medlab have the Answer


Keep yourself Digitally safe

Keep yourself Digitally safe

We all need to vigilant when working on Digital devices and accessing Digital websites and applications. Medlab is proud to provide Two Factor Authentication to our customers across our Website portals


Down-scheduling CBD from Schedule 4 to Schedule 3

Down-scheduling CBD from Schedule 4 to Schedule 3

The TGA’s interim decision to down schedule CBD means some business plans will need to change, but the whole industry stands to benefit.


MedSci Doctors discuss - Dosage Forms - Which is Best?

In this raw Un-edited recording, Dr Sean Hall and Dr Luis Vitetta have a conversation on Magnesium, Routes of administration, consumer selection, COVID, In a one to one video link-up Disclaimer - This information may include the views or recommendations of the participants and is not intended to be a substitute for professional or medical advice.


Why chronic diseases

Why chronic diseases...

Medlab Clinical is a medical research and development facility researching and formulating novel therapeutics (e.g., nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals) to improve health outcomes in early to moderate stage chronic illnesses. So why chronic diseases....?


Innovation needs funding to reach the market

Innovation needs funding to reach the market-

Medlab CEO Dr Sean Hall contributes opinion piece to Research Australia's first INSIGHTS series of Leadership Opinion Editorials. This edition shares insights on the immediacy of dealing with the pandemic challenges and how we can make things better as a result, whether it is in aged care or getting products to market.


Innovating Humanity

The past decade has significantly changed the world we live in; specifically looking at events surrounding the global opioid crisis and now COVID-19, the medical offerings for treatment, risk control and subsequent management have been found wanting. The medical/pharmaceutical industries are ripe for innovation as new threats plague our existence, suggesting our lack of readiness to combat our immediate needs may offer insights into our readiness (or lack thereof) for other potential impacts. With chronic illnesses on the rise, these medical crisis’s adds to the overall human and economic burden. This presentation looks at the path, discusses examples of innovation Medlab has undertaken, and theorises the future and its needs. Irrespective of specifics, innovation in medicine, drug design and regulatory models are much needed to ensure the health and safety of the future human race.


MedSci Doctors discuss - COVID and Mental Health, Part 2

Dr Sean Hall and Dr Luis Vitetta continue their conversation on COVID and Mental Health (Un-edited)


MedSci Doctors discuss - Myths and COVID

Dr Sean Hall and Dr Luis Vitetta discuss Myths and COVID 19 (Un-edited)


MedSci Doctors discuss - AutoImmune Diseases

Dr Sean Hall and Dr Luis Vitetta discuss AutoImmune Diseases (Un-edited)


MedSci Doctors discuss - How the immune system works

Dr Sean Hall and Dr Luis Vitetta discuss how the immune system works (Un-edited)


MedSci Doctors discuss - COVID19 Flu and Immune Health

Dr Sean Hall and Dr Luis Vitetta discuss COVID19 Flu and Immune Health (Un-edited)


MedSci Doctors discuss - COVID19 and Mental Health

Dr Sean Hall and Dr Luis Vitetta discuss COVID19 and Mental Health (Un-edited)


MedSci Doctors discuss - COVID19 - ARDS

Dr Sean Hall and Dr Luis Vitetta discuss COVID19 and preventative strategies (Un-edited)


How to access Medicinal Cannabis

How to access Medicinal Cannabis

Access to Medicinal Cannabis to get CBD or THC varies from State to State in Australia. The following article takes you thru the steps required to be able to supply Medical Cannabis to Patients.


How we take a medicine actually matters!

How we take a medicine actually matters!

There are lots of ways we take medicine. Many we take in tablet form for absorption through the digestive system, some are by injection directly into the bloodstream such as intravenous drips and others can be by a spray, under the tongue, to the back of the cheek or nasal, such as bronchodilators like Ventolin or nasal decongestants like Sudafed (Spray) While medicines are designed to have a certain effect, the way we take the medicine also has to be part of the design.


A European perspective

A European perspective

Travelling through Europe provided a solemn reminder that chronic illness knows no boundaries, shows no level of discrimination, and in many cases hides within ignorance.


Letting health issues guide research

Letting health issues guide research

The big issues in health around the world have been with us for some time and have been the focus of extensive research. And yet solutions to them are not coming in a rush


Medlab Botany Office

The next chapter

June is normally the “madness” month as companies do all things to finalise the financial year; for us, that was no exception, but factor in opening and relocation to our second Sydney site. Yes as “Murphy “ had it, in the June madness we opened our second facility, some 2,000 square metres of office and distribution space.


Reflection - Road to Innovation

Sorry about the delay in publishing this communique, as some of you know, the pace is frantic here at Medlab.


A year from now...

A year from now...

The old adage that if you fail to plan you are planning to fail is attributed to US founding father Benjamin Franklin. We’d hope Ben might be impressed with the extent of planning for success that goes into Australian biotech these days.


Medlab Cannabis in a beaker

Hemp from US farms now legal, But caution on Cannabis prevails, rightly so

The US Farm Bill amended in December 2018 makes hemp production legal under certain conditions, so will this change the world of medical cannabis?


Medlab PC2 Lab worker

Scientific discovery, noble, enriching, future-proofing

Science operates in a land of discovery, opportunity, inspiration and unremitting hard work. A company focused on life science, research and development has to account for many things, looking back at what has been achieved and forward to how we can shape our science to combat chronic disease.