Medlab clinical 2021 LD Micro Invitational XI

2021 LD Micro Invitational XI

Date of Event:   2021-06-08 - 2021-06-10
Location:  Virtual

CEO Dr Sean Hall will be presenting at the 2021 LD Micro Invitational X virtual event on Wednesday 9th June at 7 am (Sydney time) / June, 8 at 05:00 PM EDT.

LD Micro is the host of the most influential conferences in the small-cap world. The Invitational, in particular, is unique. Day one celebrates the Hall of Fame, highlighting some of the top performers since our humble beginning back in 2008. Day two and three focus on newcomers and companies on the “cusp” of doing big things. If right, it’s a glimpse into the future.

2021 LD Micro Invitational 

Location - Virtual

Date - Wednesday 9th June at 7 am (Sydney time) / June, 8 at 05:00 PM EDT.


Dr. Sean Hall, Chief Executive Officer of Medlab
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Sean Hall

Sean founded Medlab in August 2012; he has over 20 years' experience in nutraceutical sales and development, as well as early drug discovery in Australia, Asia and the US. Sean has led and inspired his teams to author multiple patents, write peer-reviewed articles and deliver lectures at scientific conferences. His passion is leading his researchers into novel areas and strong commercialisation opportunities.

Prior Sean was a founder of FIT-BioCeuticals. Under his management and guidance, BioCeuticals became the most innovative, research-driven, practitioner brand in Australia. For his sale of FIT-BioCeuticals to Blackmores in 2012, Sean was nominated as a finalist in the inaugural Australian Exit CEO of the Year Award. Sean is a Medical Doctor with an MBA in clinical pharmaceutical management and focuses on the research to pioneer innovation and commercialisation. Sean is an active member of Medicines Australia, the European Medical Association, the American Federation for Medical Researcher, The World Medical Association, A4M and Special Operations Medical Association.


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