Understanding The Trial
- NanaBis for advanced cancer pain

Presented by Dr. Sean Hall, Prof. Luis Vitetta

6:00pm, Tuesday 20th Feburary, 2018

Duration: 45 minutes

NanaBis is a 1:1 whole plant extract of CBD and THC in a sub micron delivery platform

  • History and epidemiology of cannabis use.
  • The opioid epidemic that needs to be further addressed with a cannabis medicine substitute.
  • Medlab's cannabis research: from plant to THC/CBD extracts to regulatory S8 pathways to standardised analysis and delivery.
  • The clinical trials Medlab are conducting, specifically NanaBis at the Royal North Shore Hospital.

Year in review

Presented by Dr. Sean Hall

8:00am, Tuesday 12th December, 2017

Medlab’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Sean Hall looks back over the year and discusses some of Medlab’s key projects. This 30 minute webinar will cover Medlab’s cannabis programme, diabetes and depression research, as well as discussing the company in general. Approximately 15 minutes will be reserved for questions and answers. This webinar provides a unique opportunity to talk directly with Sean and understand Medlab in more detail.


Insight Into The Management of Treatment Resistant Depression

Presented by Prof. Luis Vitetta

Medlab’s Director of Medical Research, Professor Luis Vitetta will provide an update on Medlab’s current research into treatment resistant depression and how it can be managed. Unlike other illnesses there are various documented causes of depression and mood disorders, including stress and predisposition to depression concurrent with biological, genetic and psychological factors.

Managing Stress & Fatigue: A Clinical Perspective

Presented by Rebecca James, BHsc (Nat)

Duration: 22 minutes

What you will learn in this webinar:

During this webinar Rebecca James, BHsc (Nat), explores the key drivers of stress and the impact this may have on energy levels. Hydration and diet also affect cognitive performance as nutritional demands are increased during periods of prolonged stress. Rebecca ties this all together by providing a clinical perspective on two of the biggest health issues patients present with.

Dehydration: a reliable predictor of cognitive function in older adults

Presented by Professor Luis Vitetta

Duration: 22 minutes

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • Water: a life medium
  • Dehydration of the elderly in General Practice
    • Dehydration and Clinical Assessment
    • Pathophysiology: body fluid balance required
  • Why Older adults are at increased risk of Dehydration
    • What is the best defense against dehydration
  • Treatment Options
    • Rehydration Options
    • Symptomatic Therapy

Understanding the Clinical Applications of NanoCelle

Presented by Professor Luis Vitetta

Duration: 16 minutes

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • What are nanoparticles, and their applications in medicine
  • Safety of nanotechnology
  • NanoCelle - what is it?
  • Oro-buccal delivery
  • Medlab's Cannabis research
  • Medlab's B12 comparative data

Unlocking the Clinical benefits of NRGBiotic

Presented by Dr Samantha Coulson

Duration: 15 minutes

Unlock the benefits on one of Medlab's most prominent products. Currently undergoing clinical trial after a published pilot study was conducted.

Topics covered in this clinically relevant webinar include:

  • What are nanoparticles, and their applications in medicine
  • Probiotic strains and Ingredients
  • Mechanisms of Action
  • Brain-Gut Connection
  • Depression and Published Pilot Trial and current trial

Depression and the Gut Microbiome

Presented by Professor Luis Vitetta

Duration: 25 minutes

Topics covered in this clinically relevant webinar include:

  • Mental Health in the population
  • Depression in Clinical Practice
  • Current treatment options - Nutraceuticals
  • Gut Microbiota in Depression
  • Probiotics as an adjunct treatment option

High Fat Diet, Probiotics and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Presented by Professor Luis Vitetta

Duration: 27 minutes

Key presentation features:

  • Epidemiology of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
  • Mechanisms involved in NAFLD progression
  • Management of NALFD
  • Clinical Research Methodology and Results

Probiotics and Gut Health

Presented by Professor Luis Vitetta

Duration: 47 minutes

This webinar explores a range of topics including Bacteria, Dysbiosis and The Human Gut Microbiome and Medlab research. A great overall educational webinar.

Key presentation features:

  • Bacteria - how it impacts chronic disease
  • Gut Dysbiosis & Leaky Gut - understand these terms and treatments
  • Nutritional tips for Optimal Gut Health
  • And much much more...