The purpose of this webpage is to educate and inform healthcare professionals about NanoCBD.

NanoCBD™ is a non-ARTG product currently under clinical trial and available in Australia and the United States.

In Australia, NanoCBD™ is available under Special Access Scheme SAS via

For more information, please call:

Within Australia: 1300 943 467

Outside Australia: +61 2 8203 9523

NanoCBD is manufactured in an U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) licenced and Over The Counter (OTC) certified facility in California.

It is based on plant extract from hemp cultivars grown in the United States.

NanoCBD is a formulation containing 16.67 mg/mL cannabidiol (CBD) as active ingredient, in a sub-micron spray applied to the oro-buccal membrane.

The CBD is sourced from cannabis (hemp) strains and extracted from plant parts that produce high levels of CBD, but no THC.

To be defined as hemp, the majority of cultivars licensed in Western nations by law must have a content of less than 0.3% THC (dry weight) in the upper, flowering portion, and in some jurisdictions regulations require less than 0.2% THC1.

In Australia, certain hemp seed products are permitted for human consumption without permission (only the seeds of the hemp plant can be used for human consumption)2.

Hemp seed oils with a CBD content above 0.0075% and a THC content above 0.005%, as well as extracts from all other parts of the plant are considered a drug (medicinal cannabis)2.

Medicinal cannabis products are controlled in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the Office of Drug Control (ODC).

For Australian prescribers, access to medicinal cannabis is possible, for example, through the Special Access Scheme (SAS) and Authorized Prescriber (AP) Scheme.

Therapeutic use of Cannabidiol (CBD)

The compound CBD is non-psychotomimetic and has several therapeutic applications.

CBD is widely known to reduce seizure frequency when used in the treatment of epilepsy, as indicated by the TGA:

CBD has also been shown to be effective in the treatment of anxiety due to its anxiolytic properties3,4,5,6.

About the product

Sub-micron spray for oro-buccal administration.

Each 1mL NanoCBD oro-buccal spray contains:
16.67 mg cannabidiol (CBD)

Per dose (2 sprays – 300 microlitres):
5 mg CBD

No ethanol:
Unlike other CBD preparations, NanoCBD does not contain ethanol. Commonly used CBD contains ~25% of ethanol, which can have significant local and systemic effects.


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Access to medicinal cannabis products: Assistance for Doctors re SAS and AP

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