NanoCelle® Technology

Next generation drug delivery designed to address unmet medical needs.

At Medlab Clinical, we are constantly pushing boundaries to deliver life-changing medicines, uncovering new ways of targeting disease and creating the next generation of therapeutics. With its application of nanotechnology, Medlab Clinical’s innovative NanoCelle® drug delivery platform is designed to overcome the limitations posed by current conventional delivery systems – regardless of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).

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NanoCelle® – the science behind the technology

The NanoCelle® delivery platform allows passive diffusion of APIs directly into the bloodstream via oral-buccal, sublingual, intranasal and transdermal or topical delivery.

NanoCelle Oro-buccal Delivery

Oro-buccal delivery
NanoCelle Sublingual delivery

Sublingual delivery
NanoCelle Intranasal delivery

Intranasal delivery
NanoCelle Transdermal delivery

Transdermal delivery
NanoCelle Topical delivery

Topical delivery

These convenient non-traditional NanoCelle® administration routes:

  • Are easily performed
  • Ideal for people who have difficulties swallowing, experience gastrointestinal complications or poor liver function which can limit absorption, or fear needles
  • Provide alternatives to traditional oral administration without compromising compliance.

How NanoCelle® works

NanoCelle® technology creates water-soluble nanoparticles that optimise delivery regardless of the original solubility characteristics of API payload:

  • Sub-micron sized finished product particles – ranging from 5 nm to 90 nm
  • API payload is contained within an inner hydrophobic core surrounded by an outer hydrophilic shell
  • Provides delivery of water- or lipid-soluble APIs

The versatility of NanoCelle® technology means that nanoparticles can be designed to release the API payload in response to specific environmental triggers.

How NanoCelle® works

NanoCelle® applications

NanoCelle® has potential medical and international applications such as low and high molecular weight compounds.

Medlab Clinical has a portfolio of ongoing research and commercial endeavours creating a pipeline of applications to develop ourselves or take forward with partners. We offer our nanotechnology expertise in a range of areas including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, dietary supplements and textiles from concept to the manufactured end product.

NanoCelle® in medicine

NanoCelle® research has been applied across a wide range of small and large molecules and is currently being utilised in Medlab Clinical’s own medicines, nutritional products, and a range of off-patent drugs with a growing patent portfolio.

Find out more about how NanoCelle® is being used with cannabinoids, small molecules, and biologic products in the Medlab Clinical pipeline program.

NanoCelle® nasal delivery and Covid-19

Medlab Clinical has been working in collaboration with the RNA Institute, based at the University of NSW and Macquarie University, to investigate a nasal delivered NanoCelle® formulation. The partnership provides an occasion for an accelerated program that may lead to a unique and significant public health outcome for the prevention of Covid-19 infections.

NanoCelle® in medicine

Medlab Clinical and the RNA institute both have laboratory facilities with staff members who have analytical, biochemistry and clinical expertise to see this research through early phase of development to successful completion.


NanoCelle® and textiles

Medlab Clinical has now successfully demonstrated that NanoCelle® technology can be used to absorb nanoparticles onto a textile. The payload compound remains inert until a ‘trigger’ causes the effective release of the compound with the intended action.

The next-generation in smart clothing

NanoCelle® technology offers strong potential in functional textiles, with a broad spectrum of applications for military textiles, first responders, and activewear.

Military Textiles with increased protection and performance for deployed soldiers

NanoCelle® has the potential to enhance a soldier’s ability to withstand or repel harsh conflict conditions, smartly administer life-saving medications, dress wounds, and enable greater care outcomes for wounded service people on the battlefield. NanoCelle® offers unique military potential in functional textiles, with a broad spectrum of potential uses, including:

  • UV blocking
  • Medication release, e.g. coagulant, antibiotic, anti-toxin
  • Wound-dressing fabrics, patches
  • Photonic sensing, e.g. temperature, humidity, pressure
  • Repellence, including water, oil, blood, urine, etc.
  • Fabric strength enhancement
  • Fire retardance
  • Fabric cooling
  • Anti-static effect, including clothes and gloves.
First Responders with advanced life-saving tools for first responders
Smart Activewear with enhancements for injury reduction and muscle fatigue

NanoCelle® offers a range of potential applications in activewear products to boost the performance of athletes and aid in recovery, including:

  • Skin and muscle fibre repair
  • Fabric cooling
  • UV blocking
  • Wound-dressing fabrics, patches
  • Photonic sensing, e.g. temperature, humidity, pressure.