The following methods of payment can be used:

  • Visa / Mastercard
  • American Express

If you need to verify that your payment information was entered correctly, please contact us via email: or call 1300 369 570


Price shall be the amount stated on the emailed quote or invoice issued. The purchaser shall be responsible to pay all taxes arising out of the sale of goods and services to Medlab.

Private patients being treated by a practitioner may be given a patient code to be entered upon checkout, which gives a discount on all products. This code must not be provided to any patient or member of the public via broadcast e-mail, must not be shown on any website and must not be made available to anyone other than the practitioners' private patients.

If a practitioner is found to have e-mailed the code to an e-mail database that includes anyone other than private patients, the option to discount to private patients via an online website will be revoked.


Any discount codes that Medlab advertise can be redeemed only at the time you place an order.

To redeem a discount code:

Enter the code on the Checkout page of the Medlab website.

Note: To verify that a discount code was successfully applied, review your Invoice on your confirmation e-mail or log into your account and view your purchase history.

Please Note:

If the total cost of the items you are purchasing exceeds the discount amount, you will be prompted on the checkout page to provide your credit card information for the remaining balance.

If you cancel or return items purchased using a discount code, the value of the promotion won't be returned to you.