ANZCTR: ACTRN12618000927224
Date Started: 2017-12-07
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Northern Cancer Institute, 38 Pacific Hwy, St Leonards NSW 2065


Multibiotic™ is a multi-species probiotic formulation consisting of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria predominately, that has been laboratory and clinically evaluated to improve the stability of the intestinal microbial cohort, especially during and after the administration of pharmaceutical medicines such as antibiotics, proton pump inhibitors, analgesic medications and other.


Phase 1 safety and tolerability study evaluating whether probiotic supplementation prevents chemotherapy-induced diarrhoea and other intestinal adverse effects in cancer patients.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are associated with widespread mucositis manifesting as pain, inflammation, dysphagia, diarrhoea, weight loss, rectal bleeding and infection. 

Mucositis is a major dose-limiting side effect of chemotherapy and limits nutritional intake and oral function, resulting in weight loss and malnutrition. Chemotherapy is also detrimental to the friendly bacteria of the gastrointestinal tract causing localized infection and blood infection and almost always leads to immune suppression (neutropenia).

The prevention of cancer therapy-induced mucositis through probiotics has been investigated in randomised clinical trials with some promising results including a significantly decreased incidence of diarrhoea and infectious complications. 

A recent systemic review and meta-analysis of probiotics for prevention of chemoradiotherapy-induced diarrhoea in people with abdominal and pelvic cancers found that probiotics were generally beneficial in treatment-induced diarrhoea.

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