In order for Medlab to undertake research in the realm of novel therapeutics relevant to Chronic Diseases, Medlab has established intestinal cell lines (i.e., caco–2 / goblet cells combined) in a monolayer culture in an effort to undertake and investigate pro–inflammatory induced permeability studies and rescue with Medlab's premium probiotic species / strains.

There is recognised an ever increasing therapeutic role in everyday administration of probiotic formulations. As such Medlab has utilised its international collaborative network to source key probiotic bacteria so as to then establish a local storage site of mother strains. Mother probiotic strains have been sourced from primary facilities in the northern hemisphere and shipped to Medlab in agar plates under strict controlled temperature and humidity conditions.

It is from these starting cell lines Medlab grow, inoculate and develop highly potent viable probiotic bacteria.

Agar plate

Probiotic growth media are prepared that are specific for each probiotic genera (e.g., Lactobacilli or Bifdobacteria) prior to an inoculation phase; this in order to maximise specific strain culture growth for later in vitro permeability / therapeutic response studies.

All inoculation and growth phases of probiotic bacteria are conducted in a temperature and humidity controlled anaerobic chamber that ensures probiotic strain viability.

Laboratory work

Medlab does not manufacture probiotic end products in–house. On completion of laboratory studies conducted at Medlab's Sydney facility, a probiotic strain is ready for concentration escalation, and instructions are then sent to a Medlab approved international manufacturer with demonstrated capabilities in handling probiotic products.

The end–result is Medlab's strain designations, indicating probiotic bacterium, inoculation and concentration escalation process, patents and research.

Species table

To date, Medlab has published numerous peer reviewed articles summarising the clinical evidence relevant to the efficacy of probiotics in different clinical scenarios...

Many of these published studies highlight probiotic bacterial strains that are present in Medlab's probiotic formulation as for example in MultiBiotic, NRGBiotic and GastroDaily.

Furthermore Medlab holds a multitude of PCT, pending and innovative patents justifying uniqueness and novelty of the probiotic bacteria utilised in numerous current formulations.

For ease and convenience for peers, Medlab has constructed the following poster, based on the evidence available relevant to system / conditions and efficacy demonstrated for the probiotic genera / species and strains.

Probiotic Poster