Medlab owns and runs an Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) approved PC2 Biologic facility in NSW, Australia.

This is the primary site for research projects.

Presently we are involved in early phase drug discovery in 5 key areas:

  1. Obesity
  2. Chronic Kidney Disease
  3. Depression
  4. Musculoskeletal muscle loss associated with ageing
  5. Non-opioid pain management


Medlab has multiple patents pending on our products:


Provisional Patent - Biologics/Cannabinoids

A new composition for the treatment of phrophylaxis of pain with secondary effects for the treatment of nausea and bulimia.


Provisional Patent - Biologics/Chronic Kidney Disease

A new composition for the prophylactic treatment of kidney disease and/or improving kidney function.


Provisional Patent - Biologics/Depression

A new composition for the treatment or prevention of mild to moderate depression, anxiety or a depressive or anxiety disorder.


Provisional Patent - Biologics/Muscular/Skeletal Ageing

A new composition for the treatment or prevention of muscle degeneration associated with age-related or injury-related muscle weakness or atrophy.


Provisional Patent - Biologics/Obesity

A new composition for the treatment of metabolic syndrome and obesity.


Provisional Patent - ImmuneBiotic

A new composition for heightening the innate immune system.


Provisional Patent - NRGBiotic

A new composition for stimulating mitochondrial function.


Provisional Patent - AscorBiotic - In Draft

A new composition for the delivery and uptake of vitamin C in humans.


Provisional Patent - Lactose Intolerance - In Draft

A new composition for nutritional and therapeutic compositions and methods.


Provisional Patent - NAFLD

Probiotic compositions and uses thereof for treatment of obesity-related disorders.


Provisional Patent - EnBiotic

A probiotic and enzyme containing compositions and uses thereof.


Provisional Patent (US) - Nanocelle

Oral and/or nasal transmuscosal delivery systems.


Provisional Patent - ORSBiotic

Probiotic compositions for rehydration.


Provisional Patent - GastroDaily

Yeast-containing compositions for gastrointestinal health.