A State-of-the-Art facility

Medlab Clinical is the only Australian nutraceutical and pharmaceutical research team that own and houses a state of the art Physical Containment Level 2 Laboratory (PC2 Laboratory) within the Sydney head office Alexandria site.

PC2 Laboratory certificates are issued by the Department of Health, Office of the Gene Technology Regulatory. There are four levels of physical containment applied to facilities certified by the Regulator; these are arranged in order of ascending stringency of containment requirements, which reflect the level of risk involved in the activities undertaken.

A PC2 level laboratory is appropriate for the conduct of:

  • Dealings with GM micro-organisms.
  • Dealings with GM plant tissue or GM plants contained in a plant growth cabinet or other containment device approved in writing by the Regulator.
  • Performance of laboratory procedures involving animals, invertebrates, or aquatic organisms if not otherwise prohibited by licence conditions.


As of the 28th of April 2020, there are 176 PC2 accredited laboratories in Australia, most of which are within Universities, major hospitals and research institutes.

A State-of-the-Art facility
PC2 Lab - 3D Tour
Take a 3D virtual tour of our Physical Containment Level 2 Lab in Alexandria. This guided narrated tour will show you around our lab and explain what equipment is used in our laboratory.
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