Unlocking the potential for a better life

Medlab is an Australian biotechnology company (ASX:MDC) that is developing therapeutics using its proprietary, next-generation delivery platform, NanoCelle®. With NanoCelle® the company has launched and is investigating a broad range of prescription and non-prescription solutions for unmet patient needs across a variety of therapeutic areas including pain management, mental health, gut health, diabetes, and allergies.
Josef prostate cancer photo

Patient Josef’s Positive Outlook

Josef recently participated in a Medlab observational study. After the study, Josef’s outlook on life improved along with his ability to complete everyday tasks.
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Jinhee Patient Story Portrait

Managing anxiety, depression and pain

Battling anxiety and depression, as well as pain, can be exhausting. The right treatment can offer a new outlook on life, as in Jinhee's case.
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The Medcare Study
1 in 5 Australians live with cancer or non-cancer pain. Learn more about participating in our research on medicinal cannabis for pain.
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3 Ways To Navigate Strict Legal Frameworks in Highly Regulated Industries
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