Unlocking the potential for a better life
Medlab is an Australian biotechnology company (ASX:MDC) that is developing therapeutics using its proprietary, next-generation delivery platform, NanoCelle®. With NanoCelle® the company has launched and is investigating a broad range of prescription and non-prescription solutions for unmet patient needs across a variety of therapeutic areas including pain management, mental health, gut health, diabetes, and allergies.
Josef prostate cancer photo

Patient Josef’s Positive Outlook

Josef recently participated in a Medlab observational study. After the study, Josef’s outlook on life improved along with his ability to complete everyday tasks.
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Andrew on a wheelchair on the beach

Living with pain

Living with pain can be challenging and finally having access to effective pain management – as in Andrew’s case – can give you a whole new outlook on life.
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Latest Article
The Scientific Journey of NanoCelle®
Since the inception of NanoCelle® its role as a robust delivery platform to enhance medicines, has been exciting, and over the past several years, as a company we have learnt a lot.
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Enhancing Endocannabinoid Control of Stress with Cannabidoil
Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of numerous cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. The potential for the drugs influence on the bodies stress response has resulted in rising public and medical interested in the cannabinoid.
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Is this the Future for the COVID-19 Jab ?
Australian researchers work on needle-free COVID vaccinations including nasal spray | 7NEWS
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Altered gut microbial metabolites could mediate the effects of risk factors in Covid-19
Understanding the roles of the gut microbiota and Covid‐19 pathogenesis could have important implications in the prevention and treatment of the disease
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Cannabis for Pain Study
Learn more about participating in our research on medicinal cannabis for pain.
Clinical Study Recruitment