Transforming Medicine

Medlab Clinical is an Australian biotechnology company that specialises in the application of NanoCelle® drug delivery technology to existing and new pharmaceuticals – with the aim of empowering patients with chronic diseases and mental health conditions and enhancing their lives.

Our proprietary NanoCelle® drug delivery platform has 57 patents worldwide.  

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Technology that Delivers

NanoCelle® was designed to overcome the limitations of conventional drug delivery systems and offer patients a quicker, safer path to treatment efficacy and quality of life.
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Patient Stories

We are committed to developing real-world evidence that demonstrates the positive difference our NanoCelle® products can make to patient lives beyond clinical trials.
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Current Trials

Our clinical trials complement observational studies to further validate patient experiences during treatment with our NanoCelle® products.
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Current Products

Learn about our NanoCelle® THC/CBD and CBD products that are currently available via the TGA Special Access Scheme in Australia.
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Product Pipeline

Our robust clinical trial and observational study programs continue to demonstrate the power of NanoCelle® to deliver safer and more effective treatment outcomes.
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Our Mission and Values

Together we can overcome the biggest health concerns of our time and change the course of medicine.
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Cannabis remains an emerging space, both in the U.S. and internationally. As prohibition measures have relaxed around the world, though, research has revealed new insights about the therapeutic potential of the plant.
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How COVID-19 Has Affected Chronic Pain Management
COVID-19 has greatly impacted chronic pain sufferers. Discover how the pandemic has highlighted the need for a better system of managing chronic pain.
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3 Ways To Navigate Strict Legal Frameworks in Highly Regulated Industries
It can be a challenge navigating stringent regulatory environments, whether you’re working to bring new pharmaceutical products to market or you operate a food manufacturing business. Generally speaking, highly regulated industries are so tightly controlled for the public good, either to protect consumer health and safety or to reduce the impact of vices on the broader society.
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The Scientific Journey of NanoCelle®
Since the inception of NanoCelle® its role as a robust delivery platform to enhance medicines, has been exciting, and over the past several years, as a company we have learnt a lot.
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